This call for input appeared on AUTOCAT-L in January 2007:


Subject Headings identifying Aboriginal peoples in Canadian Subject Headings

(CSH) and Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is considering modifying its subject

headings identifying Aboriginal peoples and their culture as the result of

concerns raised from many of our users about the terminology now used in

Canadian Subject Headings (CSH), and LAC's continuing use of Library of

Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) headings that include the term "Indians".

As much as possible in CSH, LAC aims to follow the policies of LCSH so as to

minimize differences between LCSH and CSH.  However, differences in headings

or policy in CSH are sometimes necessary to provide appropriate subject

access to materials on Canada.  LAC recognizes that, when LCSH and CSH

differ, Canadian libraries have to decide whether to follow LCSH or CSH or

use a mixture of both in their cataloguing.

LAC is proposing a phased approach to the review of the various subject

headings used for works on Aboriginal peoples.  In the first phase, we would

replace existing headings for specific groups or nations and review the

names used for them.  A reconsideration of the collective headings "Indians

of North America" and "Native peoples" will follow.


LAC will discontinue the use of the term "Indians" in subject headings for

specific Aboriginal groups or nations.  For example, Nisga'a and Mohawk will

be used instead of Nisga'a Indians and Mohawk Indians in Canadian Subject

Headings and in records created by LAC.

We are interested in receiving your comments on this proposal by Monday,

February 12, 2007, please.

David Farris

Editor / Rédacteur, Canadian Subject Headings

Standards / Normes


Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et Archives Canada